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COVID-19 Update: Masks are required to be properly worn while inside RBA. We ask that our members do not hold hands during the closing prayer, maintain social distancing where you sit in a meeting and consider washing hands before and after the meeting. In addition, we have supplied disinfecting wipes and are required to wipe down surfaces before and after meetings. If you feel ill, please avoid attending meetings. COVID restrictions are posted on all entrances. 50% building capacity allowed for meetings at this time. See September 2020 Dry Sheet post for more information and a link to the Governors order. Follow this link for information on gatherings provided by the state 

Please note the meeting schedule information provided on this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Some meetings are currently inactive due to concerns related to social gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage all RBA members to contact us with updates on meeting statuses and we will add notes on the meeting schedule so others are aware.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to have an event listed on this bulletin board and/or the calendar below.   

CHECK OUT RBA'S SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES! RBA now has a Facebook page that provides updates on club events and information. We have also created a private Facebook group for members to share their thoughts on recovery with each other. This group is open to all meeting attendees and pledging members; you can join by answering a few simple questions. All three pages can be accessed by clicking the icons at the top of this and every other web page. The gray and black Facebook icon will bring you to the recovery discussion group and the blue and white icon will take you to the RBA Facebook page. Please feel free to contact with any suggestions!!!  

RBA Annual Banquet 2021

Great news!!! RBA has set a date for the annual banquet. Tickets will soon go on sale for this event which will be held on June 5th, 2021 at the Knights of Columbus hall in Bloomington. Raffle tickets will also be sold for chances to win some nice prices. For those of you who are new to RBA, the purpose of this event is to honor our friends who have celebrated their one year sobriety anniversaries within the last year. This is a catered event that includes fellowship and guest speakers.

Good evening. Squad 5A, which meets at 8:00pm on Saturday nights, has offered to sponsor three tickets to the upcoming annual banquet that will be held on June 5th, 2021 (details to follow). If you or someone you know has celebrated their one year sobriety anniversary within the last year and would like to attend the banquet, please see Jeff Smith at the Saturday night meeting.