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"Didn't you know, baby?" I am Ivanova. We met in the same apartment. True, it was dark then. - In what apartment? “He hasn’t figured it out yet - And above the casino. There was also a hole in the floor, just the size you patched up here. By the way, what did you put in there? Treasure? Lyosha tensed and slightly pulled his head into his shoulders. - No, it's just, well, just construction debris, so as not to endure,


- Oh no no no. Why did you call Yevgeny Borisovich garbage? And if he jumps out, for such and such an insult?

Honestly! He twitched and looked around - what a fool!

- Which Evgeny Borisovich? I don’t know any, - stuttering and pronouncing the words more and more quietly, Lesha reached zero volume.



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